A Day In The Life, weekend recap

Weekend Recap

This weekend was an exceptionally warm one given that it is February. My people are always out running, biking, or walking and when the weather is nice like it was this weekend, they take me with them!

I’ve got the hottest set of wheels in the neighborhood! My ride is even tricked out with a treat holder, cup holder, basket, and convertible roof!

I spent Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and Sunday out and about with my people. Saturday, I just slept all day in the same spot.

Curious about my ride? Want one fur yourself or your cat? Click here to see where mom picked one up fur me.

I love my ride. I don’t get to go outside, so when I get to ride in my stroller I feel like I’m free! I love hearing the birds closer than sitting in the window. I enjoy feeling the sun shine on my cheeks and I can feel the breeze through my fur. When I’m parked in the living room I even sleep in there and use it as a perch.

Treats back at home make it more enticing as well.


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