A Day In The Life, Cat Treats


Food is all I think about all day. I eat and then I sleep and while I sleep, I dream about hunting and eating. So I wake up just so I can eat again.

My people spoil me! I tricked them into thinking I don’t like to drink water so they feel obligated to feed me wet food every night! And then all day I get to graze on some tasty dry food. My favorites are sea captain’s choice and mariner’s catch. I probably should’ve been born in Maine.

I did such a good job with the whole water issue that I even get my own fancy water glass on the table like I’m a real human. Otherwise, I just refuse to drink my water if placed anywhere else or in any other type of container. More on that later though, this is about food.

And not to mention, I get my temptations when I do good things too.

My people don’t like it when I try to eat with them at the table. But I can’t help myself when they cook such tasty things! I love the smell of fatty meats and cheeses especially.


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