A Day In The Life

Water Issues

When my people first took me home and introduced me to my house, I did not appreciate the location of my water dish, the size, the temperature, etc. So I refused to drink water!

They started feeding me mostly wet food to get me some water in the evening, and dry food during the day. But one day, Mom found me in the tub and caught me red-pawed after a shower.

It’s just so tasty when I get it fresh from the tap! My people didn’t seem to mind until I would start coughing after the water went down the wrong pipe! Mom got worried and decided to buy me a water fountain so I didn’t have to drink with my neck cranked up.

Get your furry friend a fountain like I had!

I enjoyed looking at the water flow out of my fountain, but I just never really wanted to drink from it. It just wasn’t for me. My people, frustrated and out of ideas, went online for help.

My people did some research and realized what I was trying to tell them all along-if you put my water dish by my fresh kill (my food dish), I’m not going to want to drink from it out of fear of ‘contamination’. Duh mom!

So they gave me my own glass of water on the table. And now I feel like part of the fam-bam when I sit up there with them and slurp my water. But don’t worry, I still have demands for my water. I can tell when it’s filtered from the special jug out of the fridge and when it’s the perfect crisp tempurrature! I simply won’t have it any other way!

My favorite water dish is from Ikea! They’re the purrfect size for me!

And now I drink water all the time!


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