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#tbt My Gotcha Day

I was brought to the animal humane society as part of a litter of kittens. It took a while for me to get adopted and when I did, I was sent back as my previous owners were unknowlingly allergic to me. I waited a few years at the shelter until my people finally adopted me as a 5 year-old cat!

This is me and mom back when she was figuring out if we’d be a good match. Back then she wanted to call me Peaches, as it was close to my previous alias, Pikachu. But when they brought me home, Peaches was a little too girly. Mom also tried Pumpkin, but that was just a seasonal idea. They landed on Rust together, after a favorite tv show character.

I adjusted really quickly to their home and fell in love. They picked me up almost 2 years ago and I have had the best life since! I love not getting shuffled around and staying in the same home with the same loving people.

I wouldn’t trade my new life for anything! It’s so comfy here!


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