A Day In The Life, My Gotcha Day

They Said I Might Get Diabetes…

When my people first got me from the Animal Humane Society, they warned them that if I didn’t start losing weight quick, I could develop diabetes.

See, I was living in a room with 3 other cats before I was adopted. We were all pretty lazy and there was not much space to run around and exercise. To save space, all of us shared one food dish, so whoever sat closest to it could munch all day! It was the best buffet ever!

When my people brought me to my first vet visit, the doc confirmed what the humane society warned. I didn’t have diabetes but if I didn’t get my weight under control, I could! So mom and dad got a feeding routine down and I’ve made some really good progress!

I have some flabby skin and fur around my abdomen area that won’t ever go away (since I can’t run like humans do), but I’ve become a lot leaner and healthier since being adopted. I’m still just a large, long cat, but at least I don’t have to fear diabetes any more! My people play with me, run me up and down the stairs chasing after my mouse, and I hop, climb, and jump all over!

The doc gave me 2 years to lose 6 pounds. I can’t wait to go back this fall and see how close I am to my goal!


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