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Adopt A Cat Instead Of A Kitten

Back when I was waiting for my furever home, I was amongst many old cats. We spent our years hoping and praying that someone would find us just as cute and adorable as the millennial kittens.

I felt all the feels as those little pipsqueeks walked out with their people and us old folks were left behind each time.

According to the ASPCA, each year, about 7.6 million cats and other animals need homes. Many of those animals are not the “desirables” most people want when they go looking for a friend. That was me. My name was Picachu and I was 5 years old when my people found me and appreciated my maturity and wisdom.

Momma saw something in me that most people looked past when they saw the kitten options. She new better than to adopt a kitten she had no idea how to raise. With an older cat, they’re already litter box trained and have learned social rules. All the hard work had already been done for my people! I was an easy first cat for them.

They scooped me up, changed my name (a few times) to Rust and the rest is history. Trust me, someone will adopt that kitten; give the old timers another chance at a good life. Chances are we’ve known the outside world and are stuck in a cage/room waiting to find another chance at being in the real world again.

You can click here to rescue your next friend. From all us oldies, thank you for considering giving us a second chance!


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