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Pet Stroller Review- OxGord 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller

After a year of having to sit in front of an open window, just waiting, mom finally caved and convinced dad to get me a stroller! It was a tough decision for my people, given that no one they knew ever pushed their cat in a stroller or took their cat on a walk, period. Mom was pretty worried about how people would take the news. After she built up her courage, she was shocked at how welcoming friends and family took the news. They thought it was awesome and such a cute thing my people were doing for me.

Now mom just needed to find the right stroller. She wanted something that looked like a legitimate stroller, not a cage or bag on wheels. She wanted it to be black so as not to draw unwanted attention. However, if that’s your thing, there are some bright and flashy ones out there for you. After searching Amazon and reading reviews, she settled on the OxGord 3-Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller in Onyx Black. It was only $49.95 and would ship for free. Plus the 3-wheel look made my ride look super sporty. It has 2 cup holders, folds down, unzips for storage and access, and allows for ventilation. There’s even a basket underneath for my people to put their things in when on walks.

After many strolls, my ride is still holding up and in good shape. The only thing I’d prefer to be different is the wheels. I wish they were a little more stable, but they do the job and haven’t come off yet! Feel free to write me mail if you have more questions you want answered about our stroller!

Do your cat a favor, bring him outside and watch how much he enjoys a slow stroll. Instead of watching out a window, immerse him in nature.


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