A Day In The Life, Family

My New Digs

My people and I moved into our new house a week ago and we’re finally all settled in and unpacked.

My mom was so excited for me to have direct sun light and I have been soaking it up all day everyday! My perch in the sun is my favorite spot in the house.

Just like when my people brought me home, I’ve been having trouble finding my water glass and drinking from it. My people put one in the kitchen on the counter, one by my food dish, and one upstairs for me. But I still would prefer to drink from their bathroom sink! We’ll see if I can transition better soon.

I was super excited the first few days we moved in. I had so much fun exploring and smelling all the new things. But after a few days of exploring, I was worn out. I got kind of timid and shy for a little while. After my people got into their routine, I’m more comfortable. I’ve been acting more like myself the last few days and my people aren’t as worried about me now.


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