A Day In The Life, Family

New Couch

Mom and dad got me a brand new couch! It showed up out of the blue last Sunday after I was put in the isolation (bath)room while they carried it inside. It's huge, soft, fluffy, and cozy. I love it! All my people fit and I still have room to stretch out with them.

A Day In The Life, Family

My New Digs

My people and I moved into our new house a week ago and we're finally all settled in and unpacked. My mom was so excited for me to have direct sun light and I have been soaking it up all day everyday! My perch in the sun is my favorite spot in the house. Just… Continue reading My New Digs

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Adopt A Cat Instead Of A Kitten

Back when I was waiting for my furever home, I was amongst many old cats. We spent our years hoping and praying that someone would find us just as cute and adorable as the millennial kittens. I felt all the feels as those little pipsqueeks walked out with their people and us old folks were… Continue reading Adopt A Cat Instead Of A Kitten