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We’re Moving!

My people and I are moving! It's been so much fun helping pack up all our things. I'm pretty good at delegating what goes in which boxes. Mom's a little worried about me and the big move. But I'm getting used to being around boxes and furniture moving around, so I tell her not to… Continue reading We’re Moving!

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Fire Fighter Rust

I furgot to share my exciting news with you from my walk last weekend! I was a fire fighter! My people were taking me on a walk when we noticed a wild grass fire next to our path! I helped mom call 911 and I got to watch the fire get put out from my… Continue reading Fire Fighter Rust

A Day In The Life, How I Help

How I Help With the Dishes

I pride myself on how helpful around the house I am. Every day I help my people do their dishes! They think they've washed them clean, but I always find some residue still there to enjoy. My favorite dish to help them clean is their cast iron skillet. That things is always calling my name.… Continue reading How I Help With the Dishes