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Adopt A Cat Instead Of A Kitten

Back when I was waiting for my furever home, I was amongst many old cats. We spent our years hoping and praying that someone would find us just as cute and adorable as the millennial kittens. I felt all the feels as those little pipsqueeks walked out with their people and us old folks were… Continue reading Adopt A Cat Instead Of A Kitten

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They Said I Might Get Diabetes…

When my people first got me from the Animal Humane Society, they warned them that if I didn't start losing weight quick, I could develop diabetes. See, I was living in a room with 3 other cats before I was adopted. We were all pretty lazy and there was not much space to run around… Continue reading They Said I Might Get Diabetes…

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#tbt My Gotcha Day

I was brought to the animal humane society as part of a litter of kittens. It took a while for me to get adopted and when I did, I was sent back as my previous owners were unknowlingly allergic to me. I waited a few years at the shelter until my people finally adopted me… Continue reading #tbt My Gotcha Day